Please note that the firms listed have one or more principals who are Professional Quantity Surveyors (PQS) in good standing of the Association of Quantity Surveyors of Alberta and are operating in “private practice” in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Northwest Territories or Nunavut. They uphold the AQSA and CIQS rules in respect of Professional Conduct and Competency and subscribe to the uniform educational standards of the CIQS. For further information or alterations to the list, etc., please contact the AQSA at

Consultants Directory

Advicas Group Consultants Inc.
31 Bastion Square 100
Victoria BC, V8W 1J1
tel:  250.995.5427
fax: N/A
John A. Granger, PQS      

Aquarius Building Consultants
Unit B, 2603 – 23 Avenue SW.,
Calgary AB  T3E 0H9
tel:  403.217.9321
fax: 403.217.0120
Dave Burns, PQS      email:


Altus Helyar Cost Consulting
1333 8th St. SW, Suite 800
Calgary AB  T2R 1M6
tel:  403.508.7817
fax: 403.770.8489
Iain G. McCorkindale, PQS      email:

Bernier Cost Management Ltd.
2511 Commerce Drive
North Battleford, SK S9A 3W2
Ph. (306) 244-9320

Bernier Cost Management Ltd.
31 Valley Creek Bay NW,
Calgary AB  T3B 5V3
tel:  403.441.9320

fax: 403.366.2911
Michael Bernier, PQS      email:

BTY (Alberta) Ltd.,
#740, 640 – 8 Avenue SW.,
Calgary AB  T2P 1G7
tel: 403.269.5155
fax: 403.269.1046
John Yates, PQS
John Spender, PQS


BTY (Alberta) Ltd.,
Suite 100, 10426 – 81 Avenue
Edmonton AB  T6E 1X5
tel: 780.439.0056
fax: 780.433.2458
Graeme Alston, PQS


CAD & Associates
5805 – 158 Avenue
Edmonton AB  T5Y 2R4
tel: 780.472.6128
fax: 780.472.6379
Clarence Dezwart, PQS

Clare Randall-Smith & Associates Ltd.,
53 Lesmill Road
Don Mills ON  M3B 2T8
tel:  416.445.8166,  x32
fax:  416.445.3167
Nick Boutselis, PQS      email:


CM2R Inc.
Bow Valley Square II, 205 5th Avenue SW, Suite 700
Calgary AB, T2P 2V7
tel: 403.538.4757
fax: 403.264.1262
Gerard McCabe

Costex Management Inc.
1519 Eighth Avenue
New Westminster BC
tel:  604.522.4332
fax:  N/A
Evan Stregger, PQS     

Costplan Management Ltd.,
#225, 5925 – 12 Street SE.,
Calgary AB  T2H 2M3
tel: 403.262.9360
fax: 403.233.2620
Jack Miller, PQS     

Cost View Consultants Inc.,
#173, 9768 – 170 Street
Edmonton AB  T5T 5L4
tel: 780.444.0055
fax: 780.481.9491
W. David Wragg, PQS

Cuthbert Smith Consulting Partnership Inc.,
Suite 302, 809 Manning Road NE.,
Calgary AB  T2E 7M9
tel: 403.263.4400
fax: 403.263.4432
Joel Eckert, PQS    email:

David Whitehead, PQS    email:


Cuthbert Smith Consulting Partnership Inc.,
Suite 400, 14727 – 87 Avenue
Edmonton AB  T5R 4E5
tel: 780.484.3232
fax: 780.489.8925
Chris Holden, PQS      email:

Doug Moller, PQS      email:


Gwent Building Systems Ltd.,
161 Wolf Willow Crescent
Edmonton AB  T5T 1T3
tel: 780.487.0602
fax: 780.484.0182
Roger Ward, PQS      email:

GWP Consulting Services
116 Mayliewan Close
Edmonton AB  T5Z 2X7
tel: 780.473.0703
fax: 780.476.6822
Gene Poon, PQS

Hanscomb Limited
1710, 10025 – 102A Avenue
Edmonton AB  T5J 2Z2
tel: 780.426.7980
fax: 780.426.7983
Mike Swick, PQS


Hanscomb Limited
2000 Wellington Avenue, Room 112
Winnipeg MB  R3H 1C2
tel: 204.775.3389
fax: 204.775.3903
David Crane, PQS


Hanscomb Limited
300, 400- 5th Avenue SW
Calgary AB  T2P 0L6
tel: 403.234.9490
David Crane, PQS


Hullah Malcolm & Associates Inc.,
A23, 6120 – 2 Street SE.,
Calgary AB  T2H 2L8
tel: 403.255.2441
fax: 403.253.8786
Michael Hullah, PQS


John Overall & Associates Ltd.,
10654 – 82 Avenue, Suite 410
Edmonton AB  T6E 2A7
tel: 780.499.6594
fax: 780.487.3430
John Overall, PQS      email:

J.W. McEvoy Associates Inc.,
202, 698 Corydon Avenue
Winnipeg MB  R3M 0X9
tel: 204.475.9859
fax: 204.478.1482
Joseph W. McEvoy, PQS      email:

K.A. Enterprises (Mechanical)
87 Bermuda Drive NW.,
Calgary AB  T3K 1H5
tel: 403.275.4144
fax: 403.275.4230
Dwayne Knippshild, PQS      email:

KBS Consulting
62 Fay Road SE.,
Calgary AB  T2H 1H4
tel: 403.264.3893
fax: 403.264.3893
Khursheed Saiyed, PQS    email:

LCVM Consultants Inc.
3320 42A St.
Edmonton AB, T6L 5W2
tel: 780.850.7341
fax: N/A
Norman Lux, PQS     

LEC Quantity Surveying
# 204 1120 Westwood St.
Coquitlam BC
tel: 604.464.5636
fax: N/A
George Evans, PQS   

Mutual Gain
1400 Kingston Road, Suite 200
Toronto ON  M1N 1R3
tel: 416.491.1711,  x 23
fax: 416.491.7574
Bill Nichols, PQS      email:


North Atlantic Cost Consultants Limited
1607, 738 – 3 Avenue SW.,
Calgary AB  T2P 0G7
tel: 403.294.9272
Brian Porter, PQS

Rosedale Consulting Corp.,
P.O. Box 15
Watrous SK  S0K 4T0
tel:  306.946.3994
Dave Lockyer, PQS      email:

Spiegel Skillen + Associates Ltd.,
203, 215 – 10 Avenue SW.,
Calgary AB  T2R 0A4
tel: 403.269.6007
fax: 403.265.8484
Richard Skillen, PQS      email:


Spiegel Skillen + Associates Ltd.,
203 - 3320 Richter Street
Kelowna BC, V1W 4V5
tel: 250.762.6628
fax: 250.762.6684
Tim Spiegel, PQS      email:


Tech-Cost Consultants Ltd.,
208, 2725 – 12 Street NE.,
Calgary AB  T2E 7J2
tel: 403.291.5566
fax: 403.291.0983
Alan Nessick, PQS
Kevin Drake, PQS

Turner & Townsend Inc
100 King Street West, First Canadian Place, Suite 5700
Toronto ON, M5X 1C7
tel: 905.582.6086
fax: N/A
Sorina Du Toit, PQS

Tech-Cost Consultants Ltd.,
Suite 160, 6325 Gateway Blvd
Edmonton AB  T6H 5H6
tel: 780.433.7224
fax: 780.433.7271
Orest Stachniak, PQS

Wiremasters Automation Ltd., (Electrical)
tel: 780.460.1707
fax: 780.460.7807
Chris Reinert, PQS


Last updated on June 25, 2008